.. things that simply just happen, with no one noticing or caring. The subject? Nature inscribed by human intervention, perhaps. But here, these signs come out positive, as signs of culture, where human beings are equal to nature, where nature and culture are two sides of the same coin, not fighting, but living together, complementing one another. In this world we understand that human enterprise exists for a reason, and that there is an angle of viewing it from where it comes out noble and monumental - in its clear technical functionality – noble and monumental like nature

that surrounds it.


The photographs we are dealing with here are not politically loaded in the fashionable sense of the word, i.e. when it is known to all of us in advance what one is to think and to feel and we can phrase it as to why exactly things are so. Certain clarity of vision remains, though, even when we no longer look at a specific photograph at hand, and we now see things around us that we never remember seeing before. Not in quite the same way anyway.. 






Exclusive open edition available at Captured


My works have been published in:

Original And Perspective, Bohemian Modern Art Gallery Prague

Now: Art of the 21st Century, Phillips De Pury London

The Collector’s Guide to Emerging Art Photography, Humble Art Fundation, New York 

Celeste Magazine, Mexico City

Tiger Magazine, Tokyo

Afisha Magazine, Moscow

Academy of Fine Arts in Prague

Michal's Collection Gallery





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